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Leni Hunter

2021-08-24T08:25:53-04:00August 24, 2021|

Leni Hunter is a senior economist in the IMF’s Asia and Pacific Department, and the Regional Resident Representative for Pacific Island countries, based in Suva, Fiji. She holds a Master’s Degree in Economics, from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.



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Sonali Das

2021-03-31T09:53:35-04:00March 29, 2021|

Sonali Das is a senior economist in the World Economic Studies Division in the IMF’s Research Department. Previously, she worked in the IMF’s Asia and Pacific Department, where she covered China, India, Nepal, and Fiji. Her research interests include monetary policy, investment, and financial stability. She holds a PhD in economics from Cornell University.

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Robin Koepke

2021-12-21T10:47:39-05:00December 12, 2017|

Robin Koepke is an economist in the IMF’s Strategy, Policy and Review Department, where he focuses on external policy issues. He previously served in Asia & Pacific Department, with country assignments on Indonesia and Fiji. Prior to that, he worked in the Monetary & Capital Markets Department, conducting market surveillance and financial stability analysis. Before joining the IMF […]

Gee Hee Hong

2017-10-10T17:39:17-04:00September 26, 2017|


Gee Hee Hong is an economist in the Asia and Pacific Department of the IMF, covering Japan. Her work focuses on inflation dynamics, macro-financial linkages and various trade issues including exchange rate pass-through and global value chain. Previously, she worked on regional surveillance issues, Singapore, Malaysia and Fiji in the Asia and Pacific Department […]

Koshy Mathai

2017-04-22T14:19:59-04:00May 12, 2016|

Koshy Mathai-IMFKoshy Mathai is Deputy Division Chief in the IMF’s Asia and Pacific Department, covering Korea and Mongolia. In the last few years, he has also led missions to Maldives and Fiji and served as resident representative to Sri Lanka. Earlier in his career, he worked in the Fiscal Affairs and Western Hemisphere Departments of the IMF, covering a range of countries […]

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