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Parisa Kamali

2022-01-13T10:37:37-05:00October 22, 2021|

Parisa Kamali is an economist in the External Policy Division of the IMF’s Strategy, Policy, and Review Department. Previously, she was in the General Resources and SDR Policy Division of Finance Department. She has participated in missions to Liberia and Czech Republic. Her research focuses on trade and firm dynamics. She holds a PhD in Economics from University of Minnesota […]

CHART OF THE WEEKMission Impossible? Can Fragile States Increase Tax Revenues?

2020-09-25T10:04:09-04:00September 25, 2020|

By Bernardin Akitoby, Jiro Honda, and Keyra Primus

The COVID-19 shocks are proving to be especially challenging for fragile states. Pre-COVID, fiscal revenues were low in such countries and governments were struggling to raise them. Now, COVID-19 is hitting them hard and fiscal revenues are falling. Once the pandemic abates, restoring and further enhancing tax collection is even more important to secure debt sustainability, facilitate […]

Ippei Shibata

2020-08-20T10:46:04-04:00July 20, 2020|

Ippei Shibata is an Economist in the Research Department at the IMF. Previously, he worked in the Strategy Policy Review Department and the Western Hemisphere Department, where he worked on Guyana, Liberia, and Suriname. His research interests include applied macroeconomics and labor market issues (e.g. labor market mismatch and measurement errors). He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the […]

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